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The UoH Human Library Project

Our University of Hull Human Library Project is a virtual library where human ‘books’ shed light on their experiences to help people understand one another, challenge their own unconscious bias, overcome stereotypes and help build a more inclusive society where no one is left behind. Every ‘book’ is a volunteer who has faced stigma in their life due to a personal difference. Here, they are given the space to explain their perspective and experiences in order to help challenge prejudice, rid discrimination, prevent conflicts and contribute to greater human cohesion across social, religious and ethnic divisions.

Meet the Human Library Coordinators:

Erika Butane: 2022 graduate of BSc Psychology

During my internship on this project, I had a chance to talk to so many wonderful people and hear all their different perspectives of the world in great detail. It has been an incredible learning opportunity for myself and for the community and I hope I can expand it further so it continues to educate and connect.


Charlie Hall: 2022 graduate of Philosophy and Politics

I had an amazing time working on the Human Library project, it was fascinating to hear everyone’s stories and I hope people can continue to learn from them for a long time.


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The original Human Library was established in Copenhagen in 2000 as a series of live events.
If you have any questions or wish to get involved in this project please email
This project is a collaboration between the Brynmor Jones Library and the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team.

Newest Videos!

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