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Archives - The Basics: Home

Introduction to the basic concepts surrounding archival material and its use for research, including what are archives, archive creators, archival theory, and using archives.

Guide introduction

Archives - The Basics


Ever wondered what people mean when they talk about archives?

This guide provides an introduction to the basic concepts surrounding archives and using archival material for research purposes

The following topics are covered: what are archives; archive creators; archival theory; using archives.

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The following scholarly journals are dedicated to the development of archival theory and practice. They are available online via the University Library for use by students, researchers and academics.

  • Archivaria, published by the Association of Canadian Archivists, 1975-present (ISSN: 0318-6954)
  • Journal of the Society of Archivists, published by the Society of Archivists of Great Britain, 1974-2012 (ISSN: 0037-9816)
  • Archives and Records, published by the Archives and Records Association of Great Britain, 2013-present (ISSN: 2325-7989)
  • American Archivist, published by the Society of American Archivists, 1938-present (EISSN: 2327-9702)
  • Archival Science, Springer LINK, 2001-present (ISSN: 1389-0166)

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