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Exams & revision

The aim of exams is to inform others, as well as you, about the standard of your work. Unless there was some form of recognised standard, qualifications would lose their validity. Formal exams are objective, as the assessors use the same criteria for judging all candidates.

Since exams have to be faced, this guide hopes to help reduce some of the problems they pose by giving you ways to make revision more effective and strategies to employ on the day.

Revising more effectively video workshop

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We have produced an online, interactive video workshop that you can work through at your own pace. To find out more information about what it covers and how to get access, click or tap here:
Revising more effectively video workshop

Printable guides

Printable guides

We have two, single page printable guides with our top tips for revision and examinations.

Click/tap on the links above or the images below to download the PDFs.

Revision top tips printable guide Examinations top tips printable guide

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