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Integrated sessions: Nursing: Your dissertation template

Your dissertation template

A template is provided to use for your dissertation. We recommend you use this as soon as you start any writing rather than trying to apply it afterwards. As well as showing you the structure for your dissertation, it has built in styles than can help you format it as required for a long academic document.

Scroll down the page to find videos to help you with using the template.

A thumbnail of the title page of the template

Downloading the template

The template for your dissertation is provided here:

Nursing Dissertation Template

This includes a pre-created PRISMA flow diagram (just add the numbers) and the NMC template for Part B. If you are not using this format for Part B then you will of course need to delete/amend this.

Just click on either the link above or the image on the right to download the template. It will usually be automatically saved into your 'downloads' folder. We recommend moving it from there to a dedicated folder where you keep everything for your dissertation.


Important note:

You do not need to alter any of the fonts in the template, they have been approved by your faculty. Please ignore any advice that you see elsewhere about using alternative fonts.

Videos showing you how to use the template

The Skills Team have provided three videos which show you how to use the template. These are:

There are also some other videos that support using the generic university template (rather than the Nursing one specifically) that may be useful to some of you. These include using the cross-referencing tool and inserting landscape documents. You can find these videos on the Skills Team's Undergraduate Dissertation Video Workshop page. Not all of you will find these useful however, so they are not included here.

An introduction to the template


Using styles and updating table of contents


Labelling your figures and tables