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Integrated sessions: Getting started with NVivo [Parts 1 & 2]

Getting started with NVivo

Getting started with NVivo is ideal for any level of student using NVivo for the first time. These videos show you all you need to know to get you started with your analysis and will cover the most commonly used features of the new version of NVivo for Windows.

Staff and students at the University of Hull can download NVivo by visiting the Support Portal.

This workshop covers:

  • Introduction to NVivo
  • Adding data into NVivo
  • Using cases to organise social data
    • Use cases to assign attributes to participants 
  • Using file classifications to manage your data
  • Coding your data
  • Using memos
  • Organising your data:
    • Sets
    • Search folders
    • Advanced filter dialog
  • Query your data using:
    • Text search query
    • Word frequency query
    • Coding query

To cover each of these items, videos have been made available which cover the same content. To practice, you can use the 'Environmental change Down East' sample data. You can open this in NVivo by choosing 'Sample Project' on the home screen. 


Getting started with NVivo videos

You can access each of the videos using the tabs in the three boxes below:

Getting started with NVivo

Coding with NVivo

Notes and queries in NVivo