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Integrated sessions: Physician Associates - Writing at level 7

Writing at level 7

For Physician Associates

Critical and reflective writing

This page gives you access to videos and resources for writing at level 7. At this level your writing must demonstrate more criticality as part of a well structured argument.

As health practitioners, you must be able to reflect effectively and demonstrate that in your writing.

These resources cover: 

Critical writing:

  • Taking a position
  • Components of an effective argument and articulating your voice
  • Developing effective arguments

Reflective writing:

  • Developing your reflection: thoughts, feelings and questions
  • Relating reflection to theory
  • Meaningful reflection: feeding forward and PPD/CPD

Structuring your writing:

  • What to put in an introduction, main body and conclusion
  • References

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Critical writing

Critical writing is defined as: 

Presenting a series of reasoned arguments supported by academic evidence that develop your position and persuade the reader of its validity.

Watch this video and then have a go at the activities below:



Critical writing activities

Try these activities, we will look at the possible answers during the session on Wednesday 16th September.

Activity 1: Showing appropriate academic caution

Download this document: Hedging phrases activity, and have a go at coming up with some more appropriately cautious phrases than the ones given.

Activity 2: Recognising the elements of an argument

Download this document: Elements of an argument activityand try to spot the different elements of an argument in the paragraph provided.

Activity 3: Using signposts

Download this document: Using signposts activity, and suggest suitable signposts for the points indicated in the text.


Reflective writing

Reflective writing is defined as:

Drawing on the thoughts and feelings that emerge from experience combined with academic evidence to develop generalisations to improve future practice.

Watch this video and then complete the activity below.



Reflective writing activity

Download this document: Reflective writing activity, have a go at completing it and we will look at possible answers during the session on Wednesday 16th September.

Structuring your writing

All academic writing should be well structured. Essays have an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. Watch this short video to see what should go into each of these sections.

Useful resources

Activity Answers

PowerPoint presentation giving the answers to the activities above (downloads when you click on the image).

Activity answers thumbnail