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Reading lists at Hull support: Digitisation

Support for teachers who need to create and edit module reading lists

The Library's Digitisation Service can provide legal digital copies chapters, articles, and other resource extracts for inclusion in module reading lists in Reading Lists at Hull.

You can also watch our short video Book ordering, and digitisation requests.

How to place digitisation requests

Adding the item to your list

Manually add the item you wish to request to your reading list, using either the Book chapter or Article option. See the screenshot below.

If you are unsure how to do this, see here.


Adding the page range

The page range is essential. Please note, it must be inputted without any spaces, for example '5-10'. Including gaps will cause the request to fail, e.g. '5 - 10'.

Setting the priority reading tag

All digitised content must have a reading priority tag. Please refer to the definitions used by the University for priority tags.

priority tag

Publish your draft:

You will now be in view mode, i.e. no longer in draft mode.

Adding the digitisation request

Click on the Add Request icon in the action bar to the right of the screen, and then Digitisation:

Your request will display in a new box:

If anything is missing or incorrect, please correct it here. You can also set Course start date; Date needed by; and add a note for Library staff.

Click Submit. You will get a confirmation message with the request ID:

You may want to note the request ID to make it easier for Library digitisation staff to identify the request, should you have any questions about it.

Click OK.

Request status and progress

There is now an additional icon in the action bar to the right of the screen:

This is the View Digitisation button, and it allows you to keep an eye on the progress of your request.

When you add a request, before it is being worked on by Library staff, it will have the status New Request:

When library staff are working on the request, the status will change to In Progress.

When the request has been completed, the status will change to Complete.

View full text

When a request has been completed, a new icon will display on the action bar for the item, View Full Text.

Clicking on the View Full Text link will take you to the item. The content will open in the Student Reader:

If a request is rejected

Occasionally a request is rejected. The status will change from In Progress to Rejected:

You will also get a notification in Reading Lists at Hull:

If your request is rejected, Library staff will email you with the reason.

Question mark in a square

Contact the Library

If you have any questions about this process, please email the Library's digitisation staff.

Why use the Digitisation Service?

The Digitisation Service can help to make it easier for students to access module reading materials. It produces high quality, copyright-compliant digital scans of book chapters or extracts, journal articles, and other published works for Reading Lists at Hull.

The service provides:

  • High quality digitisations
  • Easy access to resources for students
  • Accessible digitisations that are compatible with screen-reading and other assistive technologies
  • Copyright-compliant resources in line with the CLA requirements

The University holds a digitisation agreement with the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) which allows the scanning of copyrighted works within tightly controlled restraints. This Licence covers the majority of printed books, journals and magazines published in the UK, plus many published overseas. Not everything can be digitised.

Under the digitisation agreement , only designated members of the University are permitted to scan works. For further details please contact

Adding digitisations to Reading Lists at Hull is the only way to ensure compliance with legal requirements and ensure accessibility. Please do not scan items yourself or add PDFs of digitised extracts to Canvas.

Moving or copying digitised items

If a digitised item needs moving or copying from one reading list to another, for example if a module code changes, library staff must be informed of the change. Links must not be copied and pasted to other lists. This is to ensure compliance with the terms of the Copyright Licensing Agency HEI Licence.

Please email with details of the modules and digitised item(s) which require moving or copying, and library staff will do the rest.