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Decolonise, democratise and diversify reading lists: Home

Decolonise, democratise and diversify reading lists

The University of Hull is committed to decolonising its curricula and reading lists.

Reading lists that are decolonised, democratised and diversified help students to explore a wide range of voices and view points, and experience different ways of creating and sharing knowledge. Such lists reflect the diverse backgrounds of our students, better represent all of our communities, and build a sense of belonging.

Decolonising, democratising and diversifying academia is a long-term, ongoing process not a single action. This means that this guide is a work in progress and will change to reflect new knowledge and experiences.

Call for case studies and examples of good practice

The Library and the Teaching Excellence Academy are seeking examples of decolonisation, diversification and democratisation of teaching, from staff and students, to build up a resource of good practice. It could be examples relating to curriculum (re)design, individual approaches or activities, diversified reading lists and so on.

If you have something to share, or would like further information, please email Catherine Lillie (TEA) or Maggie Sarjantson (Library), or send a message in Teams.

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Library guidance and support

The following guides have been created by the Library to support people creating reading lists and using the online reading list system, Reading lists at Hull, whether for teaching or studying.

Your reading list - Support for students

Reading Lists at Hull Support for Teaching Colleagues

University Reading List Policy, 2020-2025

You can read the University Library and Archives Twitter thread about decolonisation here.

The Library's statement on decolonising its collections and catalogues, including a downloadable PDF, can be found on the Diversified collections page.