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Reading lists at Hull support: Book ordering

Support for teachers who need to create and edit module reading lists

Ordering books via Reading Lists at Hull


Go to Reading lists at Hull and login.

Navigate to the list you wish to add materials to and click on the Edit button to the right of the Search content in this list box: edit button 

Use the search box to ensure the Library does not already have a copy of the item you wish to order:

Open up a new browser window and go to and limit to Books (please note that we only use Amazon as a bookmarking tool and will be placing the order via our book suppliers).

Find the item you wish to order and go to the full display page (ideally the paperback version if there is one):

Book image from amazon


Click on the Bookmark tool iconfrom your browser (if you are unsure how to do this, see here.)


image of Amazon result page

Select the list you wish to add the item to. Note, you can type in the module name over to search for a specific list rather than use the drop-down menu list.

A drop-down menu will display. Choose the section to which you want to add the item, and you should see a Change saved message on screen.


Scroll down and select a Priority tag. Please refer to the definitions used by the University for priority tags. You cannot publish a list until priority tags have been added for all required formats.

Setting a priority for book ordering image


Click on then click on 


You should now see a message to say the item has been added to your list:

screenshot of successful addition message

Go back to Reading lists at Hull and refresh the page - you should see the new material has been added to the relevant section.

Publish the draft list.

screenshot of publish draft

You are now seeing the public view of your list. Scroll down to the item you have just added. Click on More then select Purchase:

screenshot of More button


A pop-up box will be displayed. Ensure the Number of students field is correct, and if not amend accordingly. There is no need to add the number of copies as the Library will determine this based on student numbers, the priority setting, and whether an eBook is available.

Library staff will order the new material and replace the bookmark with a link to the Library search.

Question mark in a square

Contact the Library

If you have any questions about this process, please email