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Reading List Support Material: Introduction

Updated guide!

Latest updates

Important updates

The Library has now switched ReadingLists@Hull to a more intuitive and user-friendly interface. Features include: editing directly from the list screen; an on-screen Action bar for adding resources, paragraphs and sections; and easier movement of items or sections within the list. The Student view of ReadingLists@Hull already uses the latest interface and so is not affected by this change.


For information about the new Reading List Policy 2020-2025 visit the Reading List Policy guide. This will explain the policy and how to review your reading lists as Professor Becky Huxley-Binns outlined in her video update of 15th July 2020. Only update your lists once you have read the new policy and levels of importance.


Welcome to the support pages for ReadingLists@Hull

Please use the tabs along the top for instructions and videos on how to add different types of material to your reading list and how to order teaching materials. Alternatively there is a Readinglist@hull manual you can refer to linked on this page.

Using ReadingLists@Hull for the first time?

You can sign into the system using your campus username and password. To edit your reading list(s) a separate set of permissions are required. To activate these permissions please send an email to the address below with the details of the module(s) you would like access to. We will endeavour to activate permission the same day (Monday to Friday).

If you have any questions or would like any training please email

You will also need to install the Bookmarklet tool

Please see instructions in the Getting started page. Further support materials are linked at the side of this page.

Can't find your module's reading list on ReadingLists@Hull?

The majority, but not all, reading lists are available via ReadingLists@Hull. If you can't find your module's reading list please send an email to


Your reading lists contain direct links to the catalogue records of the books you need, and to the full texts of ebooks and journal articles. Search for your modules here: