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Reading lists at Hull support: Support videos

Support for teachers who need to create and edit module reading lists


These videos will help you get started with the software, demonstrate how to use the key functions and how to place book and digitisation requests.

Please note that with the launch of the new interface on the 31st July 2023, the logging in option and the public view of the reading list has been enhanced. The videos below demonstrate how to log in with the 3 bars at the far left of the screen, whereas you must now log in using the person icon to the far right of the screen:

Logging in icon

Please also note that the edit button is also now clearer to that demonstrated on the videos:

The main search bar is also now more prominent at the top of the screen and the public facing view of the list will look different to that shown in the videos. These will all be updated soon!

This quick video will show you how to log in on the new interface.

The video below offers a brief overview of the Reading list software interface from the provider KeyLinks.


Video 1 - Getting started

This video will show you how to get started - Logging in and Accessing lists.



Video 2 - Adding materials

This video will show you how to add items from the Library Search and setting Priority tags.

Video 3 - List functionality

This video will demonstrate some of the editing tools - How to Create sections; Move and delete items; Adding a student note and editing priority tags.

Video 4 - Adding materials not on Library Search

Not everything you wish to add will be available from the Library search. This video will show you how to add the Bookmark tool and how to manually add items.


 Video 5 - Book ordering and Digitisation requests

This video will show you how to request new books to order and how to make digitisation requests.