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Reading lists at Hull support: Ask the Library to create your list

Support for teachers who need to create and edit module reading lists

The Library can help by :

  • setting up your reading list template for you to add resources to;
  • adding resources to your list;
  • creating templates for programme-level lists so that teaching colleagues can collaborate on new courses;
  • creating and/or populating lists for courses that do not have a SITS code, such as credit-bearing short courses, staff development events, and KE activities.

Please help the team to help you by giving them as much notice as possible when requesting any reading list support. Note that module lists for the current or imminent trimester will be prioritized.

Ask the Library to

...create your module list template

Essay on a laptopEmail including the following information to ensure accuracy and reduce the number of follow up emails.

  • Module leader
  • Additional editor/s (Name and email)
  • Module title
  • Module code
  • Academic year

...add your resources

icon of books and journalsThe Library can also help by creating the list in Reading lists at Hull and adding your resources.

Email and in addition to the template outline, above, include the following information to ensure accuracy, and to reduce the number of follow up emails.

Layout of the list: select one of the following:

  • Week by week
  • Reading priority, i.e. Essential, Recommended, Background
  • Other (please specify)

Resources to include, arranged under headings to match your chosen layout.

N.B. You must specify the reading priorities for books/ eBooks; chapters; journal articles; motion picture.

The priorities align to the University's competence of Knowledge management and are defined on the Reading priority page of this guide.

...create a programme-level list template

icon of a libraryWhen developing new courses, some colleagues use programme-level lists to collaborate and pool ideas about resources. The Library will purchase items added to these lists to help the development process. Alternatively, requests for new books, eBooks, AV items to support programme development can be submitted via the book order form in the Support portal.

To request a programme-level list template, please email with:

  • programme name and code
  • the names of staff who need editing permissions

Please note that the Library will not add resources to these lists except to update links once ordered items are received.

If new subscriptions, such as journals and research databases, are needed to support a new or revised programme, please complete a New resources request form.

...create or populate a list for a course that does not have a SITS code

icon of people talkingThe nature and length of your list will vary according to the specific needs of the short course, staff development, support network, knowledge exchange activities, etc. The Library is happy to discuss this with you.

In the first instance, email outlining the purpose of the list, the number of resources it will potentially include, and when it is needed, and we will get in touch.

Please bear in mind that our priority is to support reading lists for taught modules, and that we may not always be able to support the University's wider activities.