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Reading List Support Material: Digitisation requests

Updated guide!

The bookmarklet tool

To add items to your reading list you will need to have bookmarklet tool installed. See the Getting Started page for instructions on how to do this and how to get permissions for editing your lists.

Requesting an article for digitisation

Reading lists are the route for requesting digitised materials.

To request a digitisation you need to add a Note for library.

You can do this if you are adding a new item to the list once you have clicked on Create and add to list icon by completing the Note for library box, e.g. 

Alternatively if the item is already on your list, click on the 3 dots to the right of the item and add a Note for library:

Editing a library note


Please read before requesting digitisation

Digitisation requests must comply with Copyright Licensing Agency terms.  

See our Copyright guide for further information.

Publishing and Reviewing

When you have finished any changes to your list please remember to click on 

If you have any book order or digitisation requests please also click on  request review icon

Useful tip!

If you don't see the bookmark you've created when you go into your reading list, click on the refresh button from your browser