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The Digital Student: Jobs via social media

Recruiters and employers use a whole host of social media platforms to recruit graduates. While it is important to not limit your search to such platforms, for many industries it is important to take advantage of such opportunities. Actively engaging with social media can be a great way to find about roles that may not have been advertised widely. Indeed - many companies choose to save money by advertising via their website and social media only. Professional networking websites like LinkedIn are frequently used by employers, with some letting you submit your LinkedIn profile as the application. Specialist networks such as and help to connect graduates and faculty with prospective employers by targeting jobs to your interests.

Job searches with Twitter

Outside of the specialist websites, many organisations use conventional social media sites to connect with potential recruits. For example, check out the following hashtags on Twitter for the latest job posts:

You can combine one of the above 'job' hashtags with a location (country or city) and/or an industry. Check out some of the example searches below:

Job #Hashtag

Job #Hashtag + Location

Job #Hashtag + Industry

Twitter Lists

Twitter lists can be a brilliant way to organise the companies you follow. They enable you to create seprate feeds for companies that you are watching - a must have for anyone following a lot of Twitter users. The video below is a great introduction to Twitter lists, and these can also be brought into TweetDeck and organised alongside searches.

Advanced Search

The advanced search tool is really easy to use and can help you target your searches. It will let you foucus on tweets from a certain area or exclude certain terms you may not be interested in. Click the image below to access:

Advanced Twitter Search

Job searches with LinkedIn

LinkedIn Seems an obvious place to look for jobs, but the guides below will help you make the most of the website

LinkedIn: Student Job Hunting Handbook

LinkedIn have produced this handy Student Job Hunting Handbook for student career hunters. You can access all three parts below:

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A practical guide for kick-starting your career


Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Job Searching for Students and Recent Graduates


Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Interviewing for Students and Recent Graduates


Student Job Hunting Handbook is © LinkedIn

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