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The Digital Student: LinkedIn Profile

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn aims to "connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful". LinkedIn provides users with access to people, jobs, news, updates, and insights from industry leaders. Users can build C.V. like profiles on LinkedIn and network with other members to gain skill endorsement and recommendations. The website features useful groups that allow professionals to network across a range of thematic, profession and disciplinary groups. A lot of recruiters use LinkedIn and it has an active jobs marketplace where companies post openings.

LinkedIn is a great place for students to start building a career profile. The videos and guides on this page will help you make the most out of LinkedIn.

Developing your LinkedIn Profile

It's important to really invest time in your LinkedIn profile. If you have a half-completed profile, it can look unfinished - or even worse, it looks like you don't have many achievements. LinkedIn rates all profiles on a scale from Beginner to All-Star, and it is the latter you should aim for. All star-profiles have:

  1. A profile photo
  2. 2 or more positions you've held with descriptions
  3. 5 skills on your profile
  4. A summary about yourself
  5. Your industry and postcode
  6. Your school/educational details
  7. 50+ connections

These elements are the bare minimum of what is needed for a good LinkedIn profile. To really sell yourself you need to make sure you also:

  1. Have a clear headline that really states what you're looking for
  2. Detailed descriptions of your positions and qualifications. Employers and recruiters are looking for details about what you have achieved, what you've been responsible for and what skills you possess. You can structure these descriptions around the CAR model. Context (detail about the situation), Action (what you did) and Result (what did you achieve and learn from this)As such:
  3. Show - don't tell. You can embed and share your work on LinkedIn. SlideShare can be used to share any presentations you've made (e.g. PowerPoints). 

Check out the 10 LinkedIn Tips for Students and New Grads.

Be an active LinkedIn member

With LinkedIn, it is not just about having an up-to-date profile. While this is important, you should actively use LinkedIn if you want to develop your career.


LinkedIn groups are the best place to connect with industry professionals. If you search LinkedIn for the career/industry areas you are interested in, you will find many formal and informal groups. These groups can be an excellent way to not only build contacts, but to keep yourself informed about developments in that area. Groups are not just for job hunters of course - they are the best place to speak to other people in your industry to share experience or ask and answer questions. You will find groups on everything from Artificial Intelligence to Zoology Researchers so get involved if you want to keep on top of industry trends. 

LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is a new aggregator focused on presenting up-to-date business news. The news your see is based on your network and the LinkedIn Influencers (top industry leaders), channels (topics) and publishers that you follow. Similar to the benefits of groups, LinkedIn Pulse can help you find out the latest industry news and trends. Articles can also be commented on within LinkedIn making it a good way to make new contacts. Want to contribute yourself? Check out this beginners guide: How to Publish on LinkedIn Pulse

Making a good impression with your photo

The handy guides from LinkedIn below will help you make the best impression with your profile photo

LinkedIn for Students

LinkedIn Students helps you take the guesswork out of finding a job after graduation by giving you career advice based on the college you're attending and the major you're pursuing.

  • Discover jobs you didn't know were out there
  • Read exclusive articles for students on how to get the most out of the job search
  • Explore different careers paths based on alumni profiles
  • View companies to consider based on where alumni work
  • Search, save, and apply to recommended jobs based on your LinkedIn profile

Every day, new personalized tips will arrive so you can easily stay ahead in your process of taking that next career step.

Introducing LinkedIn students

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