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Understanding Common Record Types: Home

Guide to understanding common types of archive documents: abstracts of title, accounts, annual reports, charters & letters patent, constitutions, diaries, household books, land deeds, letters, manorial records, maps & plans, minutes, photographs, & wills.

Understanding Common Record Types


Certain types of record are commonly found in archival repositories. Knowing what they are, and what categories of information they contain, helps researchers select relevant source material. Understanding the unique features of these common record types allows researchers to produce better analysis of the source material.

This guide outlines these key record types, explores their key features, provides illustrative examples taken from Hull History Centre's collections, and points to further help where available. There is also a glossary of common terms that it is helpful to understand when working with common archival record types.

The following document types are covered: abstracts of title; accounts; annual reports; charters; constitutions; diaries and accounts; household books; land deeds; letters; manorial records; maps and plans; minutes; photographs; and wills.

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