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Reading List Support Material: Getting started

Updated guide!

Adding the bookmarklet tool

Once you have requested access to the system you will need to install the bookmarklet tool which will enable you to add materials to your reading lists. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Readinglists@hull and click Log In
  2. Click on the link to  Image of My Bookmarks tool
  3. Click on Image of Install bookmark button  from the top right of the screen
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to add the Bookmarklet to your toolbar:

This should now appear in your favourites toolbar as  Image of the Add to My Bookmarks button

It is recommended that you edit and rename this to Image of the Add to Readinglists@hull button

Alternatively, you can add an extension to your browser – see links below:

Microsoft Edge

 This will appear at the end of your address bar in your browser

Image of the Talis browser extension

N.B. The bookmarklet will now stay permanently in your toolbar. However you will need to add it again if you are using a different browser, e.g. Firefox or Google Chrome or a different pc.

Reading List Policy- please read before adding materials

Getting access

Using ReadingLists@Hull for the first time?

You can sign into the system using your University username and password. To edit your reading list(s) a separate set of permissions are required. To activate these permissions please send an email to with the details of the module(s) you would like access to. We will endeavour to activate permission the same day (Monday to Friday).

Getting started - Video tutorial

Adding sections to your reading list

To create a section, move your mouse pointer to where you would like to do this, and simply click on Add Section from the floating action bar

Image of the Add a section icon

Give the section a title (and a Description if appropriate) then click on Save