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Referencing your work: APA

How to reference and cite in your assignments. Includes Harvard, Footnote, APA, OSCOLA guidelines.

APA referencing

This system is usually adopted by psychology and related disciplines. Here at the University of Hull it is the recommended referencing system for students studying Psychology; Sports, Health and Exercise Science; and some other subject areas.

The APA style is about more than just referencing, it also involves how you format documents. It is similar to the author-date system, but with minor differences and is sometimes called Harvard APA. The APA referencing style is periodically updated (see note below).

This page has links to resources to help you using APA referencing. When there is a change in the edition, we will offer both the old and new for one academic year and then remove the older edition.

Your tutors may give you alternative guidelines.

Official manual

The official APA style manual is not available for free but can be bought from all good booksellers for £20-£25 (Kindle edition slightly less).

UoH Harvard

Although the punctuation and order of information may be slightly different, you may still find our UoH Harvard Guidelines useful for checking what information you should be including when citing more unusual sources.

Referencing AI

The 7th edition of APA does not cover artificial intelligence as a source, but suggested guidelines for referencing AI can be found in our AI SkillsGuide.