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Open Access: Agreements with Publishers


  • Many scholarly publishers are in the process of 'transforming' their business model for journals from 'pay-to-read' to 'pay-to-publish'.

  • Through Jisc, UK university libraries have reached transitional agreements with some publishers, to repurpose subscription fees as waivers for authors' article processing charges.

  • Many journals still operate on a 'hybrid' basis: authors who are unable to pay an article processing charge or benefit from a waiver can publish for free, but their article will be paywalled. These authors retain the right to self-archive their 'accepted manuscript'  in an institutional or subject-based repository:  'green' open access.

  • Some open access publishers who have never relied on subscription income offer an 'institutional membership' model,  whereby an upfront payment entitles corresponding authors from that institution to a fee waiver or discount.

Publisher-specific agreements for University of Hull authors

updateApril 2022: a new Jisc-mediated open access publishing agreement between UKHEIs and the American Chemical Society is close to completion.  Watch this space for further information about how to benefit from the agreement.

AIP logoThe University of Hull is a participant in the American Institute of Physics' 2021-23 'Read and Publish' agreement with UKHEIs.  Our authors can publish open access research articles in AIP 'hybrid' (subscription) journals free of charge, until a national cap is reached.

Only the Corresponding Author is eligible.  Choose the 'Author Select' submission pathway, and identify your institutional affiliation.

cautionOther scientific societies' journals published under the AIP banner are excluded from this agreement, as are Physics Today and the AIP's six fully open access journals


updateRenewed for 2022, BMJ is offering a pilot Open Access agreement for corresponding authors in the UK who acknowledge funding from UKRI, Wellcome Trust, British Heart Foundation, Blood Cancer UK, Cancer Research UK, Parkinsons UK or Versus Arthritis.

The pilot agreement covers 28 ‘hybrid’ BMJ Group titles (paywalled, but with an open access option for authors who are able to pay an article processing charge), including British Journal of Sports Medicine, Evidence-Based Nursing, Heart, Injury Prevention, and Thorax. Starting from the Information for Authors, select Institution = University of Hull to view the full list of journals covered by the agreement.

Eligible papers accepted for these titles will be published with a CC-BY licence immediately, until a national cap is reached, at no cost to the author or their institution.

cautionThe BMJ itself, and other fully open access journals from this publisher, are excluded from the pilot, as are journals currently transforming to full open access such as BMJ Supportive and Palliative Care.


Hull authors who are not eligible for the pilot can take advantage of the BMJ self-archiving policy for ‘non-open access’ articles: deposit your 'accepted manuscript' in Worktribe immediately, so that it can be made open without embargo in Repository@Hull, with a CC-BY-NC licence.

newApril 2022:  University of Hull is a participant in the Elsevier-UK Institutions agreement mediated by Jisc, backdated to 1 Jan 2022.

Corresponding authors can publish unlimited open access papers in over 2000 participating 'hybrid' journals (part-paywalled).  Hybrid titles published under the Cell Press and Lancet imprints are included.  Based on your University of Hull affiliation, your paper will be automatically selected for open access. 

Elsevier is contacting eligible authors whose paper has been published in a hybrid journal since 1 Jan with an invitation to change its status to OA, at no cost.

cautionAlthough Elsevier's 500+ 'fully gold' open access journals are excluded from this agreement, participating institutions receive a 15% discount on the article processing charge (also backdated to 1 Jan 2022). 

Frontiers logo


11 May 2020:  University of Hull's Frontiers account is currently fully committed.  Don't submit a paper to a Frontiers title unless you have your own source of funding to pay the article processing charge.


The University Library has opened a prepayment account with Frontiers, an open science publisher offering 70 journal titles.  A Hull corresponding author may publish in any Frontiers journal at no cost to them, while funds are available.

To submit your article under this institutional agreement, please select 'University of Hull’ as institutional payer in the invoice section when submitting your article.

If you have another source of funding to cover open access charges (for instance, your research funder or a faculty account), please don't draw on the Library account unnecessarily.

updateIn an extension to the established agreement which comes into effect Jan 2022, University of Hull authors can publish an unlimited number of open access papers without paying an article processing charge in the Institute of Physics' 18 'fully gold' open access titles, as well as 45 'hybrid' journals and 14 society journals published under the IoP banner. 

See Eligible Journals Lists A-D for the full catalogue of titles included in the agreement.  AAS titles are not included at this point in time.

IoP logoWhen you submit the article as a corresponding author, simply note your insitutional affiliation in order to qualify.  Your paper will be assigned a CC-BY licence, in compliance with many research funders' criteria for open research. 

cautionBe aware that any additional charges such as page fees and colour figures are not covered by this agreement.

MDPI logoUniversity of Hull is a participant in the MDPI Institutional Open Access Program,  which entitles our authors to a 10% discount on the standard processing charge for articles and books (whether or not they are the corresponding author).  Payment of the invoice is the responsibility of the author(s).

Open Library of the Humanities logoThe University of Hull is an institutional supporter of the Open Library of Humanities, a charitable organisation dedicated to publishing open access scholarship with no author-facing article processing charges.  

The OLH publishing platform supports academic journals from across the humanities disciplines, as well as hosting its own multidisciplinary journal....  All of our academic articles are subject to rigorous peer review and the scholarship we publish showcases some of the most dynamic research taking place in the humanities disciplines today.

PLOS logo

PLOS is a nonprofit, Open Access publisher empowering researchers to accelerate progress in science and medicine by leading a transformation in research communication.

New for 2021, University of Hull authors can publish unlimited papers free of charge in PLOS ONE (all subject areas), PLOS Computational Biology, PLOS Pathogens, PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases and PLOS Genetics, until 31 Dec 2023. 

25 May 202update1:  Five new PLOS journals have been added to this list:  PLOS ClimatePLOS Sustainability and TransformationPLOS WaterPLOS Digital Health and PLOS Global Public Health.  See PLOS's blog for further information.

Only the Corresponding Author is eligible.  When you submit your paper, choose the Publication Fee option "My institution will fully or partially pay", then select 'University of Hull' from the drop-down list.  You must also ensure that you select the institution 'University of Hull' when you complete the Author Contact Details form.

cautionNB. PLOS Biology and PLOS Medicine are excluded from this agreement, as they operate on a different business model.  If you submit a paper to either of these journals, you will be issued with a quote. Don't accept the quote unless you have your own means of payment, or your funder will cover the cost.

PeerJ logoPeerJ publishes 7 peer-reviewed STEM journals. Our mission is to efficiently publish the world's knowledge. We do this through Internet-scale innovation and Open Access licensing.

As a pilot, the University Library has opened a PeerJ account and deposited £2500 to support open access publishing by Hull authors in all PeerJ titles. These funds are available on a first-come, first served basis and can be claimed at the point your article is accepted.  Create an account with your University of Hull email address in order to submit.


If you have another source of funding to cover open access charges (for instance, your research funder or a faculty account), please don't draw on the Library account unnecessarily.

update30 July 2020:  University of Hull is no longer a member of the Royal Society's Open Access programme. 

Authors who submit a paper to Royal Society Open Science  or Open Biology must ensure they have funds available to pay the full article processing charge on acceptance.

Authors who have no other source of funding for APCs are invited to apply for a discretionary waiver.

updateApril 2022: University of Hull has signed a new three-year 'Read and Publish' agreement with the Royal Society of Chemistry, which enables our authors to publish open access papers free of charge in RSC 'hybrid' (part-paywalled) journals, until a national cap is reached.

Only the corresponding author is eligible.  The author's email address and institutional affiliation are used to automatically direct papers down the open access publishing channel.  Authors will be offered a choice of Creative Commons licence when the paper is accepted. Overview of the workflow here.

RSC logo

RSC's 'full gold' open access journals are excluded from the 'Read and Publish' agreement - however, Hull authors receive a 15% discount on the article processing charge.  Chemical Science is both free-to-read and free-to-publish (known as 'diamond' open access).

SAGE logo


29 Oct 2020:  University of Hull's prepayment account with SAGE is currently fully committed.  Authors will need to make their own arrangements to pay any open access charges incurred.

All SAGE authors retain the right to publish their Accepted Manuscript in their institutional repository (Worktribe for Hull authors) immediately after acceptance, i.e. 'green' open access with no embargo.


The Library has opened a prepayment account to cover SAGE open access charges for papers with a Hull corresponding author, while funds are available.

This account can be used to pay the article processing charge for any of SAGE's Pure Gold Open Access journals,  or to take up the SAGE Choice option to publish an open access article in a subscription journal.  A small number of SAGE titles published in partnership with scholarly/professional societies are excluded from the offer.

The Library is notified of all eligible articles in order to approve payment from the account.  When the prepayment fund is exhausted, the invoice will be directed to the author instead.  Contact if you wish to check the status of the account before submitting to a SAGE title.


If you have another source of funding to cover open access charges (for instance, your research funder or a faculty account), please don't draw on the Library account unnecessarily.


Springer logo

UK universities including Hull have collectively agreed a deal with Springer which covers fees for readers and authors in a single subscription.  Almost 2000 titles are included in the Springer Open Choice portfolio of 'hybrid' journals (paywalled, but with an open access option for authors who can pay the fee).

To benefit from the fee waiver when submitting a paper, the corresponding author simply needs to select their institution, and wait for notification that this has been verified by their employer.

caution Journals which are  excluded from this agreement:

Taylor & Francis logo

newJanuary 2022:  University of Hull has joined the Jisc-mediated Open Select agreement for UKHEIs, covering over 2000 Taylor & Francis and Routledge journals across all academic disciplines.  Publish your paper with open access and a Creative Commons licence of your choice, free of charge until a national cap is reached. 

Use the Taylor & Francis Open Access Cost Finder to establish whether your preferred journal is part of the Open Select collection (paywalled titles with an OA option),  then  choose the Open Select route when you submit your paper.  Taylor & Francis use the corresponding author's email address and affiliation to identify eligibility for the fee waiver. Further information for authors.

cautionTaylor & Francis fully open access journals are excluded from this agreement.  


Please direct any questions to