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Dissertations & projects: Formatting

You are not being examined on your ability to use Microsoft Word. The Skills Team have therefore provided you with a template that already has most of the formatting work done for you. This has been approved centrally by the university.

This page has links to the template, guidance document and videos to support you with using the official University of Hull MS Word templates for creating undergraduate dissertations or independent projects or taught masters dissertations. This is not a mandatory template, but using it will streamline the formatting of such a long document.

University templates

The University has created templates which can help take the stress out of formatting your dissertation or final year project.

Students studying any subject other than those listed below can use the general template provided:


Download the undergraduate final year project or dissertation template here

Download the taught masters dissertation template here


Modified versions

In some disciplines, the undergraduate template has been modified and is available via your dissertation or independent project module's Canvas site. Currently this is the case for the following subject areas:

  • Nursing
  • History
  • Biomedical Sciences


Video support

We have created a set of videos to support you with using the template. These can be accessed below.

The videos below cover the following (click or tap to jump to video):

​​​​​​​Please note that there is a separate playlist for using the History template: Using the UoH undergraduate dissertation template for History.

Video 1: Downloading the UG dissertation or independent project template and filling in front matter

Note that if you have downloaded the template already from the link above, you can skip to 1 min 30 sec.



Video 2: Using styles and updating the table of contents



Video 3: Labelling your figures and tables



Video 4: Using the cross-referencing tool to refer to figures and tables

This is an optional feature - if you don't have many tables or figures you may wish to do this manually.



Video 5: Adding a landscape page to your document

Not everyone will need this feature but it is useful for large tables or some figures.