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Mental Health and Wellbeing Support and Resources for Postgraduate Researchers (PGRs): Practical University Support

In the case of an emergency call 999

Remember - if you or someone else is at immediate risk of harm call 999

University Central Mental Health and Wellbeing Support Services during normal working hours

Between the hours of 9-5, for general help and support with your mental health and wellbeing, call Student Services on 01482 46 2222

We’re here to help. Please visit Student support | University of Hull to find out how to access the full range of advice, support and guidance offered by Student Support Services at the University of Hull.  In Addition HUSU Advice Centre provides confidential, impartial and independent advice and guidance on a range of different issues that you may face during your studies.

Student Services remains open between 9.00 and 5.00, Monday to Friday. As always, they are here to help and support you. You can call them on 01482 46 2222 


The Mental Health and Wellbeing Team

The Mental Health and Wellbeing Team provide advice, guidance and interventions if your wellbeing or mental health is preventing you from getting the best from your PGR experience. The MHWB Team's aim is to help you to develop your confidence and independence in managing the challenges you face during your journey. The MHWB Team work with students who experience mental health and wellbeing difficulties, feel overwhelmed, unsafe or have suicidal thoughts, have been a victim of sexual or domestic abuse or who have substance misuse issues.

The MHWB Team can help you in lots of different ways depending on your personal situation and the help we give might include a one-to-one session, referrals to local specialist services, guidance in using online resources and individual learning support plans. For individuals with more complex difficulties, the MHWB Team can work with you to plan and co-ordinate support within and outside of the university, including collaborating with academic departments and NHS services.

The MHWB Team doesn't provide diagnosis or treatment for mental illness, for example medication, long-term therapy or counselling, but we can help you to access this through local services. If you think this is something you'll need please let us know before you join us and make sure you register with a local GP.


How to access the MHWB Team in a non-emergency situation

Registered University of Hull students or applicants can access the team by completing our simple MHWB screener. This helps the MHWB Team to get an overview of your current situation. Once the MHWB Team reviews your information, the Team will contact you by phone or send a message in your MyHull portal, and the MHWB Team aims to response to you within 5 working days.  If your situation is more pressing then please use the 24 hour/7 days a week Student Assistance Programme detailed in the next section.  


Click here to visit the Student Services Mental Health webpage


For all other student services related information click here to visit the Campus Support Webpage 

Student Assistance Programme - SAP - The University provided out of hours / 24 hour/7 days a week support service

If you need support outside of our normal working hours, the SAP specialist services listed below can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Student Assistance Programme (SAP) 

  • SAP is a specialist service paid for by the University to provide you with a confidential programme to help you deal with personal or student-related problems.
  • All SAP calls are answered by trained and compassionate counsellors. 
  • SAP supports students experiencing issues such as with anxiety, depression, low mood, relationship issues, sexual and gender identity concerns and exam pressures, homesickness and transition.


To access this service, please telephone 0800 028 3766


SAP is available 24/7, or by downloading the app - available on iOS and Android.

  • Who is SAP for? - SAP is available for every student enrolled at the University of Hull. It doesn't matter if you're full or part-time - SAP is for you.


  • What happens when I call SAP? - Whatever time of day or night you ring, your call we be answered by a trained counsellor. The counsellor will take some details, including what university you’re calling from. The counsellor will talk to you about how you’re feeling and help you to identify some strategies that might help. They might work through things like mindfulness techniques or recommend other resources you can use which might help.


  • Why should I download the App? - The App has a range of benefits. Not only can you arrange for a counsellor to call you back, speak to someone through live chat or arrange a video call; you’ll find a range of extra resources. There are videos and articles on topics from anxiety to wellness; mini health checks, breathing exercises and podcasts. The main benefit of having the app on your phone is that it makes SAP accessible wherever and whenever you need some extra help!


  • Is SAP confidential? - SAP takes confidentiality very seriously but in order to ensure your safety, they will take some personal details when you call. They will only share information either with the university Mental Health & Wellbeing Team, your GP or emergency services, if you ask them to or if they are worried that you or someone else is at risk. 


  • Do I have to pay for SAP? - It is completely free for you to use!


Click here to visit the University SAP webpage 

University Campus Security - 24 HOUR MONITORING

University Campus security

Our campus is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you'd like an escort while on campus, particularly if you have late lectures, we're able to provide this service too.

If you have any concerns, please get in touch.

On Campus emergency: 01482 465555
01482 466868