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Copyright: Library Licences and Regulations

Copyright legislation and licences relating to academic practice.

University and Library Licences and Regulations

The University holds licences to enable staff and students to have a greater amount of flexibility than permitted under the 1988 Copyright, Design and Patents Act (as amended), which itself makes special exemptions for educational establishments to copy for private study and non-commercial research.

The responsibility for any breaches in copyright legislation remains with the individual who makes the copies, as outlined in the Regulations for the Use of University Library Services:

Library users must observe the law of copyright and the terms of any licences for material they use."
Paragraph 36, Regulations for the Use of University Library Services, October 2018.

The Regulations are available at the Library website. 

External information regarding licences

The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) provides information about photocopying and scanning licence held by the University.

The Educational Recording Agency (ERA) provides information about the ERA licence (held by the University) which enables educational establishments to copy broadcasts as teaching resources. 

Music Publishers Association 
Copyright information relating to musical and literary works as they apply within the music industry.

Visually Impaired User guidelines

In October 2003 the Copyright (Visually Impaired Persons) Act was passed.  In response the CLA (Copyright Licensing Agency) has amended the Higher Education Photocopying Licence to enable special provision for copying on behalf of visually impaired users.

As a result, the University of Hull is covered under the CLA Licence to make enlarged or reduced size photocopies of up to the whole of a book, magazine or journal for use by visually impaired students or members of staff, under the following conditions:

• the copies may only be made for, and used by, visually impaired students or staff

• At least one copy of the original published edition of the publication must have been bought by the University of Hull and be available to other students and staff or be the personal property of the staff member or student making the request.

• If enlargement is required, the publication to be copied must not be already commercially available in a suitable large print format

• The number of copies made shall not exceed those required for the purposes of instruction

• Acknowledgement of the original source should be made together with an acknowledgement that the copy was made under the regulations for the Copyright (Visually Impaired Persons) Act 2003.

CC License