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Remote learning: Technology

“you can't always control your circumstances, but you do control how you respond to them"

Julie Globokar,  Introduction to Online Learning: A Guide for Students

If you are used to studying on campus, you may need to get your computer ready for studying at home. This page will cover everything you need to get started.


The University is able to make a wide range of software available for home-use for our students. You can find a full list of software and installation instructions on the Support Portal. Much of the software is available for both Windows and macOS computers.

Microsoft Office - Creating a free Office 365 account

As a University of Hull student, you already have a Microsoft 365 account. Your Microsoft 365 account allows you to install Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook on your own devices (including Windows & macOS computers as well as Android and Apple phones or tablets). To log in to your Microsoft 365 account your will need your University of Hull email address and password. Sign in at: Support and installation instructions can be found on the Support Portal

Need help with Microsoft Office?

If you need help with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel or Access, see the following SkillsGuides:

Using ICT Services at Home

For support with working remotely, using Skype for Business, Panopto and home use software, see the Support Portal.

Getting your device ready

Whenever you are taking part in an online lecture/seminar or webinar, it is important you get your device ready beforehand.

You may have to download specific software, so check any information you have been sent and do this in good time. If you are intending to join on a mobile device you may need to go to your app store to do this.

Check the instructions you were given to join, does it include a link to somewhere you can test your device? If so, this will allow you to check you can hear and see everything ok well before you have to do it for real.

At the very least you will need to be able to hear your tutor, so make sure the device you are using has speakers or that you can attach headphones. Check these are enabled and you have not muted them.

Whilst it is often possible to follow a webinar on your phone, you may find it harder to type into chat windows - so if you can get access to a laptop or a tablet this may be the time to ask. If you cannot, don't worry, you can at least follow along.

If you use an online calendar, add the webinar as an event and put the link you are sent into the location or the notes section. That way you are not scrabbling around looking back in your email inbox to find it when you need it.

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