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Microsoft 365 software: Access

"Microsoft Access can help you manage your data in ways that no other application can"

Michael Alexander & Dick Kusleika, Access 2019 Bible

Access is probably the least well-known application in the MS Office suite. It is however incredibly useful for a small number of student/staff researchers who need to store and manage large amounts of related data.

Many people start using Access when the program that they are using to keep track of something gradually becomes less fit for the task. For students and researchers, it may be that you need a bespoke system to store your research data, timetable, participant list or budget.

Features and benefits of Access

Microsoft Access is a relational database with the following benefits:

Information can be kept in separate tables for ease of use.

Tables can be linked via shared fields.

Data duplication is avoided.

Easy to find information.

Easy to sort information.

Easy to filter information.

Information in several tables can be queried at once.

Getting started with Microsoft Access 2016

This tutorial is freely available on Youtube and is an excellent introduction to Access 2016:

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