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Knowledge Management: Hull's Competence-based HE

A guide explaining Knowledge Management, and associated resources

Competence-based higher education responds to the University of Hull's Vision for a "Fairer, brighter, carbon neutral future" and Values to be "Inclusive, empowering and progressive".​

Whether you are studying, researching, or writing curricula, it is important to understand the context in which you are working. This page explains what Competence-based higher education is, and why Hull has adopted this approach. You will find a useful presentation, plus an outline of the three main elements of the competence-based HE framework for easy reference.

Why Competence-based Higher Education?

To prepare students for their graduate future, secure the relevance and longevity of their qualification and give students every chance to succeed higher education must:​

  • Secure disciplinary relevance in fast changing and uncertain times

  • Be ready for the Fourth Industrial Age

  • Build graduate 'human traits' that cannot be automated

  • Instil a commitment to lifelong learning, professional and personal development

  • Build graduate identity and professional profiles

  • Be inclusive to students with protected characteristics and/or historically excluded from HE

  • At Hull, we do this through our competence-based higher education programmes.

Competence-based higher education

The slides explain what competence-based higher education is, how it is taught, and includes links to guidance and support for students, staff and graduates from the Teaching Excellence Academy, the Library, and Student Support Services as appropriate.

The three elements of the Competence Framework

Students and graduates of the University will be able to learn independently, explore new avenues with confidence, and think in a critical, creative, and enterprising manner, enabling them to function effectively in a complex and ever-changing society. They are able to source, select and apply disciplinary approaches, knowledge and skills to any given task or practice and work with autonomy and responsibility.

The three elements of the Competence Framework are:

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Disciplinary and professional experience

The action and critical thought necessary to address a real-world task or practice in context, working independently or with a team.

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Knowledge management 

Source, understand, create and communicate knowledge.

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Self-assessment and self-regulation in public and private domains, in independent or team working.

Other University of Hull documents

The Competence Framework is part of the University's education strategy, and is designed to help students be ready for the workplace and the rapidly evolving nature of employment.