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Diversity in Archives: Further SkillsGuides

Guide to searching for diverse voices within archive collections at Hull History Centre

Further SkillsGuides

Find more SkillsGuides produced by Hull University Archives to help you with your archival research.

The Hull University Archives team have produced the following guides to our services to help you use archives in your research:

Archives - The Basics

This guide provides an introduction to the basic concepts surrounding archives and using archival material for research purposes.

Archival Skills

This guide introduces resources that to help you develop and practice the skills necessary to successfully work with archives.

Archive Collections at Hull History Centre

This guide introduces the collections held at Hull History Centre, and allows you to browse the collections by research theme, creator and document type.

Diversity in Archives

This guide gives advice on searching for diverse voices within Hull History Centre's collections, and includes tips on finding records relating to women, LGBTQ+ people, and people from ethnic minorities.

Finding Archives

This guide provides advice, links to online portals and reading lists to help you successfully locate archival material for a research project.

Using Hull History Centre

This guide introduces the facilities available at Hull History Centre and how to use them.