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DigiHull: Digital Teacher

The Digital Teacher

University of Hull staff can sign up for our new Digital Teacher course. Delivered online over seven days, it covers everything you needed to get started as a digitally savvy teacher.

Next available date: Week commencing 14th June

About the course

The Digital Teacher will only take you less than an hour a day. You can do this anytime in the day - so it is completely flexible to your workload of the day. The course is delivered online through Canvas so you can take part wherever you are. You just need access to the internet. 

Future Cohorts:

Week commencing 14th June

Course outline

The final program for the Digital Teacher is still to be confirmed, but the participation dates below are set as follows:

Day Activity
Friday  - Sunday Introduction to The Digital Teacher
The course site opens and will give you the opportunity to introduce yourself ahead of the course starting . There is no obligation to work over the weekend.
Monday Introduction to teaching online [core activity]
Getting started with working online
Tuesday  Course design [core activity]
Exploring pedagogical approaches to teaching online
Wednesday  Resource design [core activity]
Creating effective, accessible and engaging resources
Thursday Promoting student engagement [core activity]
Strategies to promote active learning in an online environment
Friday  Assessment [core activity]
Exploring options for effective assessment approaches
Saturday  Catch-up
The course remains open for the weekend to give you chance to catch-up and complete activities

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