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Induction: Skills Team

A brief introduction to the Skills Team

This page introduces you to the Skills Team who can help you develop your academic, digital, information and visual literacies. We provide a huge range of online resources to help you and offer workshops and appointments designed to make you a better learner.

You can access our services directly from or use the Study Skills link on the main Library website.

What we provide support with

The Skills Team website is your one-stop-shop to get help with developing the competencies you need to succeed and thrive with your academic work. We are not subject specialists, but are specialists in developing your academic, digital, information and visual literacies. We help with:

  • Critical thinking & writing
  • Reflective thinking & writing
  • Academic writing style and structure
  • Finding & evaluating information
  • Systematic review
  • Referencing (including using referencing software)
  • Digital literacy
  • Visual literacy
  • Reading & note taking
  • Revision techniques
  • Presentations & posters
  • Essays, reports & other writing
  • Public communication assignments
  • Dissertations & independent projects
  • Software for academic use
  • Independent learning & organisation
  • Time management

How we provide support

Self help

We provide a range of online SkillsGuides with information about all the topics above.


We run a workshop programme every trimester. Most workshops are available both on-campus and online and some run in the early evening to allow those working part-time to participate. We also have a wide range of video workshops so that you can cover the same content at a time that suits you.


If your issue is specific to you or a particular piece of work, you can make an individual or small group appointment to see a specialist. These are available on campus and online. You can also request evening appointments if you are unable to make it during the standard working day.

Module teaching

You may also find us popping in to do some teaching on one of your modules. We can then tailor our advice to your particular context. 


For your induction, we have created the two series of short videos below. The first series is a quick guide to learning at university and the second will help you start developing some essential university skills.

We recommend that you work through them all over your induction period to give you a great start to ensuring your academic success.

Learning at University

These five short videos will introduce you to some aspects of learning at university and help you make the most of those opportunities.


Independent learning (5min)

Time management (4min)

Organising your workspace (3min)


Lectures and tutorials (3min)

Assessments (4min)

Essential University Skills

There are some skills that every student needs. Reading, writing and referencing are the most common and these videos will help get you started and give you an idea of what is required at university.


Reading and note making (8min)

Academic writing (9min)

Referencing (6min)