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Induction: Library

A brief introduction to your University Library 

This page serves as a very gentle introduction to your University Library. There is no doubt about it, you are unlikely to excel in your studies without using the resources provided to you by the Library, so getting comfortable with how to access them is essential.

Students coming onto campus will find great spaces to work and socialise within our building too.

We also have information specifically for new students (and existing students who want to know what has changed since they last visited us) on our main library pages:

The Brynmor Jones Library (BJL)

Brynmor Jones Library at dusk

The on-campus library contains over a million books, nearly 400 PCs and 25 bookable group learning rooms. It also has many more informal spaces where you can get out your laptop or just meet to chat with friends and classmates. So that you know you have a space to work when you need it, all high demand desk spaces and group learning rooms (with or without PCs) are now bookable either before you come or when you arrive - and informal spaces do not need booking at all.

The BJL also has timetabled teaching spaces on the ground and second floor, these would appear on your timetable as BRYN TR1-6, with Teaching Rooms 1-4 on the ground floor and Teaching Rooms 5 and 6 on the second floor through the Global Hull Learning Centre.

The Library Team

The library is staffed by a dedicated and friendly team with a wide range of expertise.

Our front line staff are experts in customer service and you will always find a warm welcome when you come into the building or ask for their support online.

We also house the Skills Team who have their own page on this induction site to introduce them, and the sort of help they can provide, to you.

Behind the scenes are many more staff who ensure you have access to the resources and support you need, including archive collections held at the Hull History Centre

We are all dedicated to your success, so never be worried about asking us a question - we are a very friendly bunch!

Online resources

Increasingly, you will need to access resources online and by far the biggest part of the library collection is now accessed this way. When you undertake a library search it will indicate whether a resource is, for example, an eBook or journal article which is available online using the link provided. If you are accessing this off-campus, you may need to log-in (look for the words 'Institutional Access' or 'Shibboleth' if it doesn't ask you to log in automatically).

This video shows the basic process for accessing online resources:


devices showing library on screen