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Research Data Management: Basic Principles

University of Hull advice and support

Effective RDM helps you:






Research Services staff in the Brynmor Jones Library provide support for researchers developing Data Management Plans and evaluating options for data preservation:

Contact the Research Governance Office for advice about data protection policy and good practice:

Research Data and the Research Lifecycle

The creation, management, dissemination and use/re-use of research data can be key to the outcome and impact of any research project.  Increasingly, research funders and publishers are mandating the deposit and dissemination of research data, to support replication and development of research findings, and public engagement where appropriate.

Research data lifecycle

RDM is not just for scientists!  Research data comes in many forms.

For instance:
  • Recordings and transcripts
  • Laboratory notebooks, field notebooks, diaries
  • Photographs and video footage
  • Slides, artefacts, specimens, samples
  • Test responses
  • Survey results
  • Codebooks
  • Text files
  • Spreadsheets
  • Search strings
  • Databases
  • Models, algorithms, scripts
  • Contents of an application such as input, output, log files for analysis software, simulation software, schemas
  • Methodologies and workflows
  • Standard operating procedures and protocols

File management: best practice

Recommended: a series of five short blog posts by Alistair Downie at the University of Cambridge, illustrating common pitfalls and solutions when managing files across the lifetime of a project and beyond.  Published December 2019.

Bite-sized RDM #1 - #5

See also How to Deal with Sensitive Data: a guide to anonymisation, encryption and storage, from the EU's OpenAire project.

Who owns my data?

A series of highly readable pdf guides originating from CREATe, the UK Copyright and Creative Economy Centre at the University of Glasgow:

See also How To Licence Research Data, from Edinburgh's Digital Curation Centre (2014), for a comprehensive overview of suitable licence types for datasets.

An introduction to data management planning for researchers at the University of Hull

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