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English Language Support: Key language features of academic writing

About this workshop


As a student, the majority of what you write needs to conform to the conventions of good academic style which is significantly different from other more personal types of writing you may need to produce such as e-mails. The first step towards becoming a good writer is to have a clear understanding of exactly what these differences are and how you can modify your more general English language skills to produce written texts which match the expectations of your tutors and other academics in terms of the language used.

This workshop is an introduction to the key language features of academic writing. Hopefully, you will leave feeling more aware of the skills you need to continue to work on and also be motivated to attend other workshops in the Written Appropriacy series which explore some of these features in greater depth.  

Learning Outcomes

In this workshop, we will:

    • compare and contrast different types of written English in order to agree on a list of key academic language features
    • identify the features you as an individual do not currently use to good effect
    • practice re-writing selected texts to make them more academic in style
    • identify specific areas for future study and practice

Important Information

  • Key language features of academic writing is a workshop 

  • The session is 90 minutes long.

  • This workshop is repeated each month.


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