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English Language Support: Autonomous Learning

About this workshop


This workshop will explore what it means to be an autonomous language learner and how you can improve your English alongside your degree modules.  It will help you to identify how to develop this vital skill of autonomous learning to ensure you can confidently access all the help you may need to start developing your English during your time here.


Learning Outcomes

I this session, we will:

  • define the concept of “student autonomy” in the UK Higher Education system.
  • assess current levels of student autonomy among attendees.  

  • explore techniques and strategies students can use to develop greater autonomy as language learners. 

  • outline the university’s language support services. 


Important Information

  • Autonomous Learning is a workshop consisting of 1 session.

  • The session is 90 minutes long.

  • This workshop is repeated each month.

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