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English Language Support: Home

Welcome to the Language Unit

Our English Language Support service is for all international students who have English as an additional language.  We are here to enable students to develop confidence in using English so they can actively engage in their studies and student life at Hull.  We offer opportunities to improve both your academic English and social language skills and our courses and workshops are a great way to meet other students from around the world. The service runs throughout the year and is delivered by a team of dedicated English language teachers.

Short Courses

Our short courses focus on specific skills or areas of English that will help you develop your English and successfully participate in your studies.  Each short course consists of 4 lessons.  The lessons occur once a week and are spread over 4 weeks.  When you register for a short course you are registering for all 4 lessons.  You can find out more about each of our short courses by selecting a course from the drop down menu.

Workshops & Clubs

Our workshops provide useful information and our clubs offer regular speaking practice and are great opportunities to meet other students. Each workshop and club is 60 minutes long and will appear regularly throughout the year.  You can find out more about each workshop by selecting a workshop from the drop down menu.

1:1 English Support Session

In a 1:1 English Support Session you can work together with a tutor to discuss your work and get personalised help with your English. This means that your tutor can help you identify problems such as grammar, vocabulary, expression and word order, pronunciation, intonation etc. and advise you on what you should do next.  We offer two types of support session:

  1. The Language of Presentations
  2. Writing Clear Academic English


Register for courses and workshops

All our courses and workshops require registration.  Please do not turn up if you have not registered

To register, scroll through our calendar and click on one of the dates below to access the registration form.  Please remember all courses are 4 weeks long,  so please book sensibly  (we recommend taking no more than two courses a month).   If you have any queries, please contact  Language Unit 

Our approach

“The good language learner constantly looks for opportunities to practice the language”. (Rubin, 1975)

Whatever course or workshop you choose to attend,  we provide a wide range of interesting  and varied opportunities for all students to use English in an informal, but focused and supportive environment. Students will collaborate with classmates and tutors to improve their English language skills and develop better independent learning strategies. 

Languages for All

Sign up for Languages for All and get free extra English practice with the language learning application, Rosetta Stone. Click here to start.


Meet the team

Janet Dugdale

English Language Teacher

After working as an English language specialist in various contexts abroad, primarily in Europe and East Africa, I joined the University of Hull in 2007.

I teach all areas of English and especially enjoy teaching academic writing skills. For me, it is vitally important that I create classes which give students the opportunity to work together to struggle with language challenges in ways which are creative, thought provoking and fun.

Annette Green

English Language Teacher

I have been teaching EFL for the past 26 years, teaching in Finland and Italy where I developed an interest in enhanced speaking skills. Since joining the university in 2007, I have taught a variety of English modules including English for Business and English for Academic Purposes.

The skill areas I enjoy teaching most are speaking and active listening. In my classroom students build these skills in an encouraging and interactive environment.

Shu-Mei Li

Language Tutor / Global Experience Coordinator

Originally from Taiwan and a champion of language learning, I have taught Chinese (Mandarin) and English as well as supported students on their language learning journeys for 15 years in the UK. My classroom is built on communication, collaboration, creativity and experimentation. Learning associated with interactive and fun activities is at the heart of my teaching.

I organise and promote language opportunities. I am passionate about seeing students develop and become more culturally agile and linguistically competent as they seek to become global citizens. 

 Alec Matussek

 Language Unit Manager

I've been in ELT (English Language Teaching) for over 18 years and have spent most of that time living and working in East Asia.  I came back to the UK in early 2022 for a new adventure in Hull. 

In the classroom, I like to create a relaxed learning environment with plenty of opportunities for communication.  I'm also interested different approaches to error correction and ways of working with the language that students produce in class. 


Global Engagement

The Language Unit is a team that exists within the directorate of Global Engagement at the University of Hull.  Global Engagement offer a range of global opportunities to enable all students to have an international experience during their time with us.  More information about the opportunities available to you can be found here:   GLOBAL HULL