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English Language Support: Language of referencing

About this workshop


Your own academic work depends heavily on the research and ideas of others and it is vital to show which sources you have used in an appropriate way.  Referencing is complicated, but thankfully there is software like RefWorks to help with that. What the software cannot help you with is how to demonstrate your critical reading skills by using a variety of language.  There’s nothing wrong with 'according to.....’ or   ‘X (2012) states that’, but to be a good writer, you need to demonstrate a range of expression as well as accuracy in how you report the ideas of others and that is the focus of this class.

Learning Outcomes

In this workshop, we will:

  • develop an understanding of the differences between commonly used reporting verbs
  • choose the most appropriate tense of reporting verbs depending on context
  • select the most appropriate format of in-text citation to demonstrate an advanced critical evaluation of source texts
  • practice using linking devices to compare/contrast different sources  concisely

Important Information

  • Language of referencing is a workshop 

  • The session is 90 minutes long.

  • This workshop is repeated each month.


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