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English Language Support: 1:1 English Support Sessions

About 1:1 English Support Sessions

In a 1 to 1 English Support Session you can work together with a tutor to discuss your work and get personalised help with your English. This means that your tutor can help you identify problems such as grammar, vocabulary, expression and word order, pronunciation, intonation etc. and advise you on what you should do next.  We offer two types of support session:

  1. The Language of Presentations
  2. Writing Clear Academic English

These are not 1:1 classes where the teacher has prepared materials.  The focus is  on your work,  so you need to bring a piece of work to the session:

  1. a presentation (maximum 10 minutes) that you would like feedback on.
  2. part of a written assignment (maximum 500 words) that you would like feedback on.



All our 1:1 Support Sessions require registration.  Please do not turn up if you have not registered

To register, scroll through our calendar and click on one of the dates below to access the registration form.  Please remember you can book a maximum of two 1:1 Support Sessions each trimester so please book sensibly . If you have any queries, please contact  Language Unit