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PGR Supervisor Guide to Supporting the Mental Health and Wellbeing (MHWB) of Postgraduate Researchers: Other Mental Health Resources for PGR Supervisors

Other Mental Health Resources for PGR Supervisors


Vitae Mental Health and Wellbeing Resources   


Five steps to Mental Wellbeing


The Wellbeing Thesis


Katia Levecque, Frederik Anseel, Alain De Beuckelaer, Johan Van der Heyden, Lydia Gisle,
Work organization and mental health problems in PhD students,
Research Policy, Volume 46, Issue 4, 2017,


The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust  Mental Health E-Learning Modules for University staff   

These e-learning sessions are designed for all staff in university settings with the aim being to build confidence in supporting students around mental health.  The sessions are specifically written for those staff who do not hold specialist roles in mental health in the university, such as counsellors, mental health advisers etc., but rather all other staff who offer day-to-day support to students in a range of settings, such as, in residences, cafes, security staff, careers, libraries and in academic pastoral support, for example.  We hope you find them useful.  Each session takes around 20-minutes to complete.