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Research Data Management: Research Data

Research data management appointments

Research Services team are trialling one-to-one appointments to support researchers regarding their research management needs. Please email to request an appointment.

Effective RDM helps you:

Research data web resources

The following are a set of generic links to web resources on the management of research data.  The list will be appended over time as new resources emerge, and specific resources are also listed elsewhere on the site within the relevant section.  Suggestions for additions are welcome.

Open Data

We have another guide that covers Open Access publishing and Open Data.

Research Data and the Research Lifecycle

Research data comes in many different forms.  The creation, management, dissemination and use/re-use of research data can be mapped on to the different stages of the overall research lifecycle.  Indeed, effective research data management (RDM) is an essential part of that process, and increasingly is part of research best practice and a requirement of funding bodies.

Research data lifecycle

Research data can include:

  • Text or Word documents, spreadsheets
  • Laboratory notebooks, field notebooks, diaries
  • Questionnaires, transcripts, codebooks
  • Audiotapes, videotapes
  • Photographs, films
  • Test responses
  • Slides, artifacts, specimens, samples
  • Collection of digital objects acquired and generated during the process of research
  • Data files
  • Database contents including video, audio, text, images
  • Models, algorithms, scripts
  • Contents of an application such as input, output, log files for analysis software, simulation software, schemas
  • Methodologies and workflows
  • Standard operating procedures and protocols

Contact Details

Please direct all enquiries to

Key contacts:  Chris Awre, Kirstyn Radford, Stuart Bentley

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