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Skills Team Workshops: Surveys in SPSS

Workshop name

Surveys in SPSS

About this workshop

Workshop description

This workshop serves as an introduction to SPSS for analysing quantitative surveys. This interactive workshop will cover all the basic features of SPSS that you need for survey analysis. This includes establishing your variables, entering your data and analysing it. 

Due to the time restriction participants will use sample data.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Set up your variables
  • Enter (or import) your survey data
  • Use descriptive statistics to analyse your data
  • Produce tables and graphs to summarise your data
  • Use cross tabulations

Who this workshop is for

This workshop is useful for undergraduate students who are looking to use SPSS for survey analysis for the first time. SPSS is an excellent and easy to use tool that will allow you to produce an in-depth analysis of your results.


This workshop is run by an Academic & Library Specialist from the Brynmor Jones Library Skills Team.

Video workshop

This workshop is available as a YouTube video series. You can watch it online at any time!

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