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Skills Team Workshops: Reflective thinking & writing

Reflective thinking & writing

About this workshop

Workshop description

Reflective thinking is an essential skill for academic study. This workshop will introduce you to the concept of reflective thinking and how to apply it to your studies. During the workshop, you will explore key definitions of reflective thinking and how you can apply it to your academic reading and assignments.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Explain in basic terms what reflective thinking and reflective writing mean
  • Give examples of methods to develop reflective thinking reading and reflective writing skills
  • Start applying reflective thinking methods to your own studies

Who this workshop is for

Foundation and undergraduate students. If you are about to undertake your first assignment, need to understand the feedback on an assignment to try to improve future marks, or not sure how to start some research, then this workshop can help you.


This workshop is run by an Academic & Library Specialist from the Brynmor Jones Library Skills Team.

Workshop format & availability

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