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Getting started with NVivo [parts 1 & 2]

About this workshop

Workshop description

Getting started with NVivo is ideal for any level of student using NVivo for the first time. These interactive workshops are designed to get you started with your analysis and will cover the most commonly used features of NVivo 12 Pro for Windows.

These are theoretical workshops and due to the time restrictions, participants will use sample data.

Workshop requirements: Participants will be emailed pre-session video that must be watched before they attend the face-face workshops.

Learning outcomes

By the end of part 1, you will be able to:

  • Adding data into NVivo (documents, photographs, interview transcripts, videos, audio, etc.)
  • Using cases to organise social data (e.g. interviews and focus groups)
    • Use cases to assign attributes to participants (e.g. gender, workplace, nationality etc) 
  • Using file classifications to manage your data (e.g. 'interview' 'photograph' 'journal article')
  • Coding your data (assign pieces of text/audio/images to a theme or other code/case)
  • Using memos

By the end of part 2, you will be able to:

  • Organising your data:
    • Sets
    • Search folders
    • Advanced filter dialogue
  • Query your data using:
    • Text search query
    • Word frequency query
    • Coding query

Who this workshop is for

These workshops are useful for postgraduate students and researchers who are looking to use NVivo for the first time. NVivo is an excellent tool for any form of qualitative analysis.


This workshop is run by an Academic & Library Specialist from the Brynmor Jones Library Skills Team.

Workshop format & availability

Video workshop

This workshop is available as a YouTube video series. You can watch it online at any time!

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