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Skills Team Workshops: Bias, subjectivity and perspective in archives

Bias, subjectivity and perspective in archives

About this workshop

Workshop description

This workshop explores the issues of bias, perspective and subjectivity surrounding the use of archival material as a research resource.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • identify the inherent bias of key document types, including press cuttings, letters and diaries, pamphlets and printed material, published accounts and statements, photographs
  • analyse any specific subjectivity that an individual author might bring to the creation of a document
  • evaluate the utility of individual documents to provide a perspective on a given subject, in light of the document's inherent bias and subjectivity

Who this workshop is for

Foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate students who are required or intending to use archival resources during their studies, and wish to gain a better understanding of critical and ethical source analysis to develop these key knowledge management skills.


This workshop is run by an Archivist from the Hull University Archives Team.

Workshop format & availability

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