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Skills Team Workshops: Note creation techniques for better assignments & easier revision

Note Creation techniques for better assignments & easier revision

These videos introduce note creation techniques for better assignments & easier revision.

Workshop description

This workshop will introduce you to the under-estimated skill of note-taking. It will cover taking notes in a variety of situations: in lectures, seminars and support meetings and when reading for assignments. Developing an effective approach to taking, organising and revisiting your notes can improve your classwork, assignments and exam revision. This workshop will consider both traditional and digital approaches to note-taking.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Experience a variety of manual note-taking techniques
  • Experience a variety of digital note-taking techniques
  • Know how to maximise retention of your notes to aid later revision
  • Know how to use note-taking when reading to prevent plagiarism in assignments

Who this workshop is for

Any student who wants to maximise the effectiveness of lectures, seminars, support meetings or their reading.





Note creation techniques (Part 1)


Note creation techniques (Part 2)


Keeping notes useful