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Skills Workshops: Advanced research practices: Networking and social media

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Advanced research practices: Networking and social media

About this master class

This master class will encourage participants to engage with social networks, online collaboration tools and automated alerts to maintain professional networks, share research and keep reading current.

For example it will look at the academic use of Twitter, LinkedIn, and

Master class requirements: You must be comfortable engaging with social media platforms.

By the end of the master class you will be able to:

  • Use social networks for academic networking
  • Engage with social networks for discovery purposes
  • Know how to use Twitter at a conference

Who is this master class for?

This master class is ideal for postgraduates and early career researchers who want to make better use of web 2.0 technologies for networking and research.

This workshop is run by a Library Skills Adviser


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10:15 - 12:15, Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Note: This master class was formally known as Networking and keeping up-to-date as a researcher