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Peer Support Community: PSC Network

Peer Support Community Network

This guide has been designed to provide information about peer learning and mentoring schemes which can be used for a variety of academic and developmental benefits. Whilst some peer learning models have been suggested, variations can easily be adapted and customised depending on the specific goal or logistics of any particular setting. One way to promote sharing of good ideas and practice can be through a staff peer support network. This section discusses opportunities for staff to develop their own network.



If the network grows then members can consider how best to develop the community into an active group. It is possible to set up various communication channels to network members and develop any associated resources for sharing. Authors of this guide would be willing to help facilitate any technical discussion tools to link the community together.

Network of scheme facilitators

Current Scheme Facilitators

If staff are engaged in the use of peer mentor schemes, people are welcome to add details about their scheme to this guide. This would help expand the number of examples of schemes for other colleagues who may be considering adopting peer learning with their own students. This guide can therefore act as an organic guide, providing more resources and examples of success as new members add to it.