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ReadingLists@Hull, 2020-2025: Getting started – The University Library

The University Library

In identifying the resources you would like to include in your reading list, you will need to consider the following points. For commercially available resources, such as books, eBooks, journals, and video, the Library's existing collections should be your starting point.

Print books

Is the title commercially available? Two common difficulties that prevent the Library being able to purchase print are that the title is out-of-print, or does not have UK publication rights. Be aware that a site such as Amazon may list as available titles that fall into those two categories.


Is the title licensed for HE libraries? Many eBooks are not available to academic libraries. Of those that are, not all are licensed on terms that support fair and equitable access for all students at the point-of-need. See the ‘eBook access information’ tab for more information. Please note: the Library cannot purchase titles that are available for Kindle.

When you submit your order requests via ReadingLists@Hull, the Library will advise you if there are any issues of which you should be aware. Remember to 'Request review' as this is how the Library knows you have added requests to your lists. The early submission of requests will allow time to address any issues that arise.

If the resources you initially identified cannot be made available for any reason, you will need to consider:

  • What else is available via the Library that will also be useful?
  • Is there suitable material freely available via Government or other official sites
  • Free online digitized collections, such as Project Gutenberg (out-of-copyright literary works)
  • Open Access (OA) publishing  
  • Resources licensed under the Creative Commons (CC)
There is further information and guidance on other pages of this guide.