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PGR Research Culture & Community Seminar Programme: Wilberforce Institute

Improving the Postgraduate Research Experience at the University of Hull

Wilberforce Institute for Slavery and Emancipation

Research community in the Wilberforce Institute

Our Institute is our research community. When you enter the Wilberforce Institute you not only become part of this research community but you help to develop its culture. Our talks and events are open to everyone, and we welcome the engagement and input of post-graduate students. We host a public seminar programme with invited speakers at least once a month in term time, and our own PhD students present their research as part of this programme.  Our PhD students also give regular presentations of their work.

We have three events remaining in our public seminar programme for 2020.


1. Thursday 12 November 2020, 4pm-6pm GMT

Wilberforce Institute Webinar - The Yellow Demon of Fever: Fighting Disease in the Nineteenth-Century Transatlantic Slave Trade

In this webinar Professor Manuel Barcia, Chair of Global History at the University of Leeds, will talk about his new book of the same title, published earlier this year, which offers a pathbreaking history of how participants in the slave trade influenced the growth and dissemination of medical knowledge in the nineteenth century.

To register for this free event please click on the link below. We look forward to having you with us. 


2. PhD Student Talks -  Thursday 19 November, 4-5.30pm.

In this webinar two of our PhD students will summarise the findings of their research into human trafficking. Chloe Wilson began her studies in 2015 and Anta Brachou in 2017.   They will each talk for about 20 minutes and take questions afterwards.  


Chloe Wilson - 'The Identification and Treatment of Human Trafficking Victims: Policy, Practice and Protection'.

Chloe's presentation introduces her recently completed PhD research, focusing on the key findings and recommendations. Her work explores practitioner insights into the problems of supporting the victims of human trafficking within the first 24-48 hours of their initial identification by a first responder. It looks at victim experiences of trafficking through a practitioner lens and the way in which organisations offer support and protection to victims.  Through the use of online questionnaires the project was able to identify key weaknesses in the current system, both practically and within government policy. 


Anta Brachou - 'Human trafficking from Albania: A complex picture'.

Anta's work reveals the extent of human trafficking from Albania to the United Kingdom. According to the National Referral Mechanism statistics in the UK, the phenomenon is troubling and the number of potential victims referred into the system has increased steadily for the last three years (National Crime Agency, 2016-2018). Her presentation aims to discuss the nature of the phenomenon in the UK and offer a deeper understanding of the intricacy of the problem.


To sign up for this free event please click on the link below:


3. Thursday 10 December 2020, 4pm-6pm GMT

Wilberforce Institute Webinar - An Abolitionist's Diaries: Rethinking William Wilberforce

William Wilberforce kept a large number of diaries between 1779 and his death in 1833, written in his often difficult to decipher hand.  The Wilberforce Diaries Project is preparing the first scholarly edition for Oxford University Press, and in this seminar Professor John Coffey of the University of Leicester will be introducing the manuscripts and asking how the diaries might reshape our understanding of Wilberforce and British abolitionism. 

To register for this free event please click on the link below. We look forward to having you with us.