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About our webinars

Getting your computer/tablet ready: To use Adobe Connect on a Windows PC or Mac, you may need to download the Adobe Connect Application. The same link will also test your computer to make sure it is set up correctly. To use Adobe Connect on a Android Tablet or Apple iPad, visit the Google Play/App Store to install the 'Adobe Connect' app by Adobe.

All of our webinars are run through Adobe Connect. Adobe Connect is a 'webinar' tool that allows you to take part in live workshops from your own computer or tablet. You will need a good connection to the internet to be able to see the presentation and speakers/headphones to be able to hear. Adobe Connect also allows you to interact with the presenter and other students. This may include text chats, screen sharing, collaborative writing areas and quizzes. Unless otherwise stated, you will not need a microphone and will interact through text-based chat. 

Adobe Connect is really simple to use and it ensures the Skills Team can provide you with an excellent workshop experience. Make sure you follow the advice above to get your device ready before the webinar begins. We look forward to seeing you online soon.