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Every member of staff and all students have a university email account. It is important that you check your university email as it is this account that your tutors and the University will use to contact you.

Accessing your university email

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On-campus PCs

Log on to an open access PC anywhere on campus.

Open the Chrome browser and select Email from the homepage.

The sign-in page will open - use your 6-digit username and password. It should remember this after the first time.


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Laptops and off-campus PCs

Make sure you are connected to the internet.

Open a browser and go to (There is also a link at the bottom of the University Home Page.)

The sign-in page will open - use your 6-digit username and password. It should remember this after the first time.


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Mobile devices

If you want, you can add your university email account to your mobile phone (iPhone/Android etc.) or Tablet (Surface, iPad, Kindle Fire etc.).

Visit the Email User Guides on the ICT SharePoint for instructions for different operating systems. 

Redirecting your university emails to your private account

If you have a hotmail/gmail account etc you can redirect your university emails to that account so you don't miss them.

First you need to set up your personal account as a contact in Outlook:

  • Log in to Outlook Web Access (
  • Click on the  button at the top left of your screen (or the  button at the bottom left if you are on mobile device).
  • Select People.
  • Click New to add a new contact.
  • Add the details of your personal email account and select Save.
  • Click back on the  or   button and return to your Mail.

Now you can set up the rule to send emails to that account:

  • Click on the cog button [] and choose Options (if using a mobile use the three dots at the bottom right instead of the cog).
  • From the options pane that appears on the left of the screen, choose Inbox and sweep rules.
  • Click on the button to add a rule.
  • Give the rule a name (i.e. Send to personal).
  • In the When the message arrives box, select [Apply to all messages]
  • In the Do all of the following box, select Forward, redirect or send and then Redirect the messages to...

Your contacts list should open.

  • Select the personal account contact you created earlier and choose Save.
  • Click OK to complete the rule.

All your university emails will now be redirected to your personal account - but they will also stay in the OWA account so remember to periodically go into OWA to delete them or your mailbox will get full!  You cannot receive more emails if this happens.

Other help

Visit the ICTD Email User Guides for help on using OWA.