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Skills Workshops: Microsoft Word 2: Features for structuring your dissertation/thesis

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Microsoft Word 2: Features for structuring your dissertation/thesis

About this master class

This master class will introduce you to the power tools in MS Word. Learn how to control each chapter with styles and section breaks. Add formatting to a heading so it keeps its position at the top of a page, regardless of how much text goes before it. Find out how to insert different page numbering throughout your document.

Master class requirements: It is essential that participants attend "Microsoft Word 1: Styles and automatic features" prior to attending this master class.

By the end of the master class you will be able to create a template for your thesis which will include:

  • Using multi level numbering to automate:
    • Chapter numbering
    • Section numbering
    • Paragraph numbering 
  • Using captioning to:
    • Label tables, figures and equations
    • Autocaption
    • Produce an automatic table of tables/figures/equations
  • Cross referencing
  • Saving formats to a template

Who is this master class for?

This master class is aimed at postgraduate students who need help with formatting their thesis.

This master class is run by a Library Skills Adviser


Register for this series

We are running a series of summer workshops aimed at giving postgraduate students the skills they need to format and structure their dissertations or theses effectively and efficiently.  

When you register you will be expected to attend ALL THREE workshops.  They take place in Cohen 107 Computer Room.

Summer Word series

This workshop is only available as part of a series.  Register for all sessions:

  • Microsoft Word 1 - Essentials for academic writing
    10:00-12:00 Tues 23rd August
  • Microsoft Word 2 - Features for structuring your dissertation/thesis
    10:00-12:00 Wed 24th August
  • Microsoft Word 3 - Consolidating thesis chapters using a master document
    10:00-12:00 Thurs 25th August

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