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Sixth Form Study Skills: resources

Finding Resources

Finding stuff is really easy

The internet has made finding information on any topic really easy.


Yes you can find lots of information. But is it the right kind of information? Whilst studying, you'll be expected to use trusted, reliable sources for your assignments not just the first website you come across on Google!

Here are some great places to look for the right kind of sources:

Library Catalogue

This is the best place to start searching the Library's collections. It'll give you info on all of our books and other collections.


Summon searches for journal articles which are one of the main sources you'll use. These are all approved by academics so you can be confident they are all reliable.

Other useful sources

Google Scholar

This is Google's tool for finding just journal articles. You'll probably get back millions of results so there'll have to be some sifting but you should be able to find something useful.


YouTube can be a brilliant resource for finding relevant information for your subject. You will have to be careful in checking if the video is appropriate.


This is a great starting tool when you're trying to understand a new topic or subject. You normally get a well sourced overview of a topic. As Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, it is important to verify the sources within and always use it alongside other reading.

Social Media

Platforms such as Twitter have revolutionised how we recieve information. We now have instant access to breaking news and world events. In using social media, it is important to identify trusted sources and reference them correctly.